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About Joyce

Opening text exhibition museum Martena | Copyright Anneline Mook filosofiedepraktijk.nl | Auvergne, September 2016

Curiosity is the key concept in Joyce Ter Weele’s art. Joyce is curious about the practice of combining materials and techniques. Besides this, she arouses both her own and the viewer’s curiosity about the meaning of her work.

Joyce is always looking for something new. She does so by using different techniques in her studio. She follows these actions throughout her creative process. Our imagination is stimulated by figurative and abstract forms of which it is not clear how they relate to each other, demonstrated by a wide variety of shades and refined blue-black keys.

Photography plays an important role as well. Joyce incorporated many photographs that she personally took on her travels abroad into her collages and drawings. These almost unrecognizable images are all photos of places that have been abandoned by their former residents. The places have lost their function. Nature takes up space. But does this mean that these places also lose their meaning?

Joyce does not explain how she wants us to interpret her work, therefore, we have to do it without any references, titles or notes. As spectators we are given free rein and this allows us to lose ourselves in the landscapes. This is exactly how Joyce relates herself to her work between her studio walls: shuffling, sliding, retrieving and wondering. The result is alienation: we cannot look at her work in a certain way and simply come to an obvious conclusion. She makes us doubt our own observations. Viewed from above, from the viewpoint of e.g. a buzzard, the black areas could be mountains or land, or even a river valley. But seen through a microscope, the form may represent minerals. Perhaps we see galaxies? Or something completely different?

Finally, Joyce’s work provides an environment in which we must divert from our regular patterns. We often too quickly put on understanding. Sometimes it’s perfectly fine not to understand everything. That unknown is more than necessary to expand our known framework. The philosopher Hegel warns us against what he calls “the calcified”, the only thing we really should be afraid of. If we only want to see what we already know and ignore the unknown, we don’t add anything to our thinking pattern and our personal experiences. In that case we will freeze, we will “calcify”.

Unfilled areas give calmness according to Joyce. Thus, she provides us with conditions for silence. Silence creates meaning; silence meaning more than just the absence of sounds; silence that arises when we do not engage in the aim of benefit and seek for the familiar.

In the end, there is no meaning in the world. We find meaning that we ourselves put into it. What meaning this is, we can only figure out if it is quiet for a moment, if we postpone our aim for knowing, but hear our own thoughts.
What Joyce makes, is never finished. Neither for herself nor for her spectators. Everytime we see something different, we give a different meaning to what we see. This is what makes her work highly relevant and continually fascinating.


Art academy Minerva | Groningen | 2011- 2015


Public Choice Award | Galerie Pouloeuff | NL | 2018
Nomination STRABAG Art Award | AU | 2017
Winner Coba de Groot Stipendium | NL | 2015
Nomination Klaas Dijkstra Academieprijs | NL | 2015

Commissioned work

2018 | Mural Project #1
Commissioned by Kunstplaza Schurer & DRP Bureau

2018 | Zu Hause mural #2
Commissioned by Zu Hause

Artist in residence

Vondel CS | Amsterdam | 2018
Galerie Pouloeuff | Naarden | 2018


Aandacht voor het maakproces
| Leeuwarder Courant | 02.02.2018
Art & Everyday Life
| Mister Motley | 10.01.2018
Tussen kunst en vintage – Jong talent
| Palet Art Magazine | June/ July 2017
Dat smaakt naar meer
| Leeuwarder Courant | 03.02.17 
Ode aan het proces
| Cahier 9 catalogue | Text by Rob Perrée | 01.10.16
Werken tussen vernietiging en rust
| Leeuwarder Courant | 21.10.16
Ode aan werkproces levert geraffineerd tekenwerk op
| Friesch Dagblad | 12.10.16
Laatste solo tentoonstelling Coba de Groot Stipendium
| Franeker Courant | 27.09.16
Het begint met zichtbaarheid
| Kunst & Stad editie 4 2016 | 10.05.16
Een vroege bekroning zegt nog niets
| Weekkrant Den Haag centraal | 28.01.16 |


Catalogue Museum Martena | 01.10.17
Catalogue STRABAG Artaward Internat. | 05.06.17
Catalogue JA! COBA | Coba’s passie album | Stichting Coba de Groot 2005-2017 | 09.04.17


2018 | DOESZevenendZes | Laren | Group
2018 | Een Schop Onder De Ploeg | Groninger Forum | Group
2018 | Spacemakers | Galerie Pouloeuff | Naarden | Group
2018 | Drawing estafette | Groningen Minerva | Group
2018 | Streams of Consciousness | Drawing Centre Diepenheim | Diepenheim | Group
2018 | TorenkamerEXPO Opium | Vondel CS | Amsterdam | Group
2018 | On Paper | Hoorn & Reniers Gallery | The Hague | Group
2018 | March exhibition | Assen | Solo
2018 | Parallel | Melklokaal | Heerenveen | Group
2018 | Torenkamer Vondel CS | Amsterdam | Solo
2017 | November exhibition | Adorp | Group
2017 | Milkshake 3 | Melklokaal | Heerenveen | Group
2016 | Museum Martena | Franeker | Solo
2016 | Art the Hague | Galerie Vonkel | Den Haag
2016 | Fragmenten | Groninger Forum | Solo
2016 | Oh natuurlijk | CBK Groningen | Group
2016 | Achter het zichtbare | Galerie Vonkel | Den Haag | Solo
2016 | AANWAS # 2 | Galerie Noord | Groningen | Group
2016 | Bekroond | World Trade Center | Den Haag | Group
2015 | De kou in ’t hart | Galerie Y2 | Groningen | Group
2015 | Jong II  | Galerie K38 | Roden | Group
2015 | Art The Hague | Den Haag
2015 | Lichting ’15 | Galerie Vonkel | Den Haag | Group
2015 | Simmersalon | Galerie BAS10 | Sneek | Group
2015 | Hyper | Graduation show | Kunstacademie Minerva | Groningen
2015 | Academietijd | Groningen | Duo
2014 | 80% | USVA | Groningen | Group
2014 | Dikke lijn | Kunstacademie Minerva | Groningen | Group

Do you want to know more about my work, feel free to contact me:



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